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A message from CPPAA

Dear CPPAA Community

We are all together now in something that needs us to begin thinking and behaving in new and creative ways.

The last few weeks and days have brought an experience of shock and panic for everyone, and are unlike anything we have ever experienced. It was a challenge to find that part in all of us that could keep thinking.

I imagine you have all felt as I have, and it has been an exhausting time. I have been saying to people of all ages that I work with; “self and other are not separate, and I don’t think they ever were; we sometimes have acted in our own worlds like we were separate, but what each of us does has immediate impact on the life of not just one person, but the world around us. What each of us does, impacts on the other, and that matters. It always has. How do we find ways to be with ourselves, and one another, in a new world that has just emerged and is changing depending on what we do?”

With this in mind, when you have all had a moment to think, you might like to consider how you think the CPPAA community can best take stock and go forward. It is a time for new ideas, creativity and change like never before. We have so many possibilities, and when we have all calmed down a bit more, I think we will find we have much more of life’s essential ingredient in our hands; time.

Your ideas, thoughts and suggestions are most welcome.

The next Council meeting by zoom is next Wednesday, 1st April at 7.30.

Please send any ideas to CPPAA at for discussion by Council.

We would be delighted to hear from you now and into the future, to enable us to all stay connected and begin thinking of ways forward to meet our shared wish for understanding.

Best wishes to everyone.

Carolyn Coburn

CPPAA President

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