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Dr June Factor celebrates Play and Imagination

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Please join us to hear June discuss the “double helix of children’s play”.

One strand represents the universal, ubiquitous features of child play-lore. The other, the particular manifestations of children’s play lives which result from their specific circumstances. It integrates tradition and innovation, mimicry and mockery, the learning of a society’s mores and conventions and their determined sub version”

June is a leading expert on children’s play lore and one of Australia’s foremost children’s authors. She has delighted millions of children with her much loved ‘Far Out Brussel Sprout’ a very funny and rather naughty compilation of playground rhymes. June’s research has examined what children do when largely free of adult direction or control- their colloquial speech, songs, games, rhymes, riddles, jokes, insults and secret languages, their friendships and enmities, their beliefs and hopes.

Wednesday, November 21 2018 at 7.30pm

18 Erin Street, Richmond (VAPP Rooms).

This event is free- all are welcome. Please RSVP by Monday November 19 via email:

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